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TitleAddress01/01- 5/3110/1-12/31SubdivisionType

Toscano Vilas
thumb_224_056.jpgVilla 32 5730 S Desert DawnToscano Villas$2,450.00$2,650.00Furnished
thumb_245_071-003.jpgUNIT#522, 3270 S GOLDFIELD RD$1,600.00$1,200.00Apache Junction PropertiesFurnished
Toscano Villa
thumb_158_toscano clubhouse 006 (small).jpgToscano Clubhouse and PoolToscano Villas$0.00$0.00Furnished
Toscano Villa
thumb_160_toscano clubhouse 006 (small).jpgToscano Clubhouse and PoolToscano Villas$0.00$0.00Unfurnished
thumb_157_tosoro clubhouse 002 (small).jpgTesoro Clubhouse and Pool AreaTesoro$0.00$0.00Furnished
thumb_159_tosoro clubhouse 002 (small).jpgTesoro Clubhouse and Pool AreaTesoro$0.00$0.00Unfurnished
Peralta Trails
thumb_161_peralta fitness center 002 (small).jpgPeralta Trail ClubhousePeralta Trail$0.00$0.00Furnished
Apache Junction Properties
thumb_170_desertsun condos820 011(small).jpgDesert Sun Condos #820Apache Junction Properties$1,200.00$1,600.00Furnished
Apache Junction Properties
thumb_171_desertsun condos704 001(small).jpgDesert Sun Condos #704Apache Junction Properties$1,000.00$1,400.00Furnished
Desert sun Clubhouse
thumb_175_desert sun condos clubhouse 005 (small).jpgDesert Sun Condos$0.00Apache Junction Properties$0.00Furnished
Desert Sun #623
thumb_228_094-001.jpgDesert Sun #623$1,600.00$1,200.00Apache Junction PropertiesFurnished
Desert Glory Pool
thumb_191_the pool in peralta 005 (small).jpgDesert Glory PoolPeralta Trail$0.00$0.00Unfurnished
Desert Sun #510
thumb_212_kc 012-1.jpgCondo #510, Desert SunApache Junction Properties$1,200.00$1,600.00Furnished
Peralta Trails
thumb_241_070.jpg9991 E RUGGED MOUNTAIN RDPeralta Trail$995.00$995.00Unfurnished
thumb_298_034.jpg9801 E FORTUNA AVEKings Ranch Road/La Palma$850.00$850.00Unfurnished
Casas @ Gold Canyon
thumb_76_oasis.jpg9167 E Calle Luna$960.00Casas @ Gold Canyon$960.00Unfurnished
DR. Horton
thumb_167_9073 shasta 001 (small).jpg9073 E Shasta$995.00$995.00Sierra VistaUnfurnished
thumb_126_9062 e sonoran way 003 (small).jpg9062 E SONORAN WAYMountainBrook Village$3,100.00$3,500.00Furnished
sierra Vista
thumb_216_untitled-1 (small).jpg8985 E Rainier DrSierra Vista$995.00$995.00Unfurnished
The Foothills @ Gold Canyon
thumb_73_8959 e ave las noches (small).jpg8959 E Avenida Los NochesThe Foothills @ Gold Canyon$985.00$985.00Unfurnished

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